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Death to the Party

by Virginity

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Fest 17 02:21
I finally come to Just outside the doors of High Dive Missed a hundred calls from my wife Trying to make sure I’m still alive I make my way Past Loosey's It’s half past two Haven’t seen Shaw and Ed for hours Must be back at their room And this isn’t who I am It’s not who I wanna be I’m like the fucking grim reaper Bringing death to the party I’m trying to remember Just how I made my way here I know drove to Gainesville early and started pounding beers And I recall Pete’s weed pen and being propped against a tree Mike missed being in the crowd for piebald because He was taking care of me I wake up early start sending apology texts But Ed says you never have to say sorry For partying the best And come next fall I won’t remember this regret I’ll probably get too fucked up again on the first night of fest
Bad Call 02:57
I think I'm gonna be sick I think I'm dying again I can't stop doing the math Calculating the time I've got left I think I'm spiraling I think I gotta leave I'm faking getting a text Instead of telling my friends I'm depressed My fucking head's a mess I need to get some rest But I can't sleep I can't breathe I can't anything I got a bad call coming I got a bad one coming on I think you're fucking pissed I think I'm taking the hints The way that you said okay Has me feeling some kinda way Oooooh ooooh I got a bad call coming I got a bad one coming on I got a bad call coming I know I got a real bad one coming on
Fall of Try 03:04
Well it’s just like me to moan and whine While ignoring every sign That a solution to my woes is within my reach It’s like I can’t see I’m improvement blind In a burning house saying this is fine While I douse the flames with fear and anxiety  If I could turn it all around Don’t you think I would’ve done something by now Well it’s just like me to second guess Any thought that I’ve expressed  Always convinced I’ll be taken the wrong way If I could turn it all around don’t you think I would’ve done something by now If I could learn to overcome I wouldn’t feel the urge I have to turn and run From every problem I think I have Bringing them up when I get the chance Blame it all on circumstance Call my friends and cancel plans Refuse to take a helping hand Doing everything I can To make my self feel less than It’s not worth the effort
Can I borrow your mistakes I can’t make heads or tails of mine I hear you’re supposed to learn from these things But I make the same ones all the time Maybe we could trade, for just a little while I’m not trying to skirt the consequences  I just wanna learn you style You’re a tough act to follow But I’ll sure give it a try A bitter pill to swallow But the one I’ve been prescribed Can I walk in your shoes Doesn’t matter where you’re headed For just a mile or two  Or until they come unthreaded  We could walk together I hate to see your feet get sore but if it’s me that has to get hurt Well I’d hate that even more I don’t mean to wallow But I can’t help how I’m built A thin shell around a hollow Chocolate bunny Bound to melt


released June 5, 2020

Words and music by Casey Crawford
Casey Crawford: Vocals/Guitar
Jim Nefferdorf: Drums & Percussion/bg vocals/all sorts of other things
Jordan Shroyer: Bass/bg vocals
Recorded January 2020 at The Vacuum
Produced, engineered and mastered by jim Nefferdorf
mixed by Joe Knipp and Jim Nefferdorf
Cover Art by Creechers Of Habit


all rights reserved



Virginity Daytona Beach, Florida

FL Adult Contemporary Emo-Punk just trying to ascend to Superdrag status.

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